Not all businesses can afford marketing budget to buy paid online marketing tools, but at the same time they need sophisticated tools to compete against their gaint competitors. From my personal experience i have listed top 10 free online marketing tools for small business in 2020.

Top 10 Free Online Marketing Tools For Small Business In 2020 Listed below:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Keyword Planner
  • MailChimp
  • OneSignal
  • Hubspot
  • Yoast
  • Canva
  • Plagiarism Detector

Google My Business​

Google My Business is offered free from Google, it helps to list your business in google maps and at the same time you can post updates, list products or services, monitor reviews for your business in google maps, and access insights to improve your business using google my business.

Google Analytics​

The Google Analytics is offered free from Google, it helps to analyse your website data like visitors information, geo location, how much time they spend on your website and what actions they make on your website.

It is good practise to install Google analytics code into your website as soon as the website is live. It can give lot of insights regarding your website over the years.

How to setup google analytics

Google Search Console​

Search Console is offered free from Google, it helps to analyse your website data like queries that your website rank for, pages that are ranking for queries and their ranking position and also it helps optimize your website in terms of errors and security problems.

It also helps in crawling our website for new pages and changes by accepting xml sitemap from our website, sitemaps can be generated using seo plugins or web developer can do that for you.

How to create XML sitemap and add it to Google Search Console

Keyword Planner(Google Adwords)​

Keyword Planner is offered free from Google Adwords platfrom, it helps to analyse your keywords that is relavant to your niche or website.

It can help you optimize your website for ON-Page SEO. Keyword planner will show you keywords with total number of montly searches for it in Google search engine.

It can be accessed from Google Adwords platform.


Mailchimp is a free marketing platfrom which allows you to integrate with your website to engage your visitors to sign up for newsletter.

It will automatically logs the inputs from website and create a mailing list, which you can utilize to send bulk emails to your visitors.

Mailchimp has also got different templates to create beautiful and engaging content to be sent.


OneSignal platform allows you to integrate your website with their platform to send browser push notification to visitors who subscribed for push notification in your website.

It asks your website visitors whether they interested to receive push notifications through browser. It they agree it will be updated in their platfrom under our access panel.

It helps to make the visitors to revisit your website and bring more traffic to your website.


Hubspot can be used for many reasons, but i especially use it for the chat integration in to the website.

By integrating the platfrom with our website, it allows visitors to chat with you or your team for instant replies.

It will help improve chances of getting more sales by engaging quicker through chat integration.


Yoast seo plugin is an one of top most seo plugin available for wordpress.

If you have a WordPress site, try to use the Yoast SEO plugin which will help you in optimizing your page and meta tags by providing instant insights on each page.


Canva is an easy to use drag and drop design platform which allows you to create beautifual and stunning graphics for your website or social media post.

It has got templates for almost all social media platforms.

Recently it is also allowing to create videos with music from their platform.You can also download created graphics in multiple formats.

Plagiarism Detector​

If you are a content writer and want to rewrite an content from other websites, it is better to check with tools like plagiarism detector.

It will analyse the contents and shows whether it is copy writed or unique content.

Google loves fresh contents, if you copywrite contents, there are chances google might show negative impact on your website. 

So, it is better to use tools like this to avoid getting penalized from Google.

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