Are you looking for freelance digital marketing consultant in canada??

Are you shop owner or small business managing person or may be startup company in canada, looking for a freelance digital marketing consultant in canada??, then you are at athe right place, basically i put up in chennai, but cater clients all over india and have a phenomenal experience working with clients in abroad especially for U.S and France.

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Why Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant?

A freelance digital marketing consultant plays an important role in every business and digital marketing is a must for any business. Already many businesses started leveraging on digital marketing strategy, so make sure you get it right for your business.

In today’s competitive world, having a digital marketing expert in your team who can handle digital promotion profitably is really important. To get things right for your business, you need to understand what a freelance digital marketing consultant can bring for your business.

My Core Competencies

Improve Your Website Presence

For any business, having a website becomes mandatory in order to improve branding. Branding is one of the key things you should concentrate to project a company into the growth path on the long run.

A freelance digital marketing consultant can work on SEO optimization of your website contents and improve your social presence by doing article submission, guest posting, directory submission, PR releases to niche magazines and other activities. Having a great website is a whole point of the process to effectively market your company online.

A well experienced freelance digital marketing consultant knows what strategy will work for your niche business.


Social Media Improvements

Social media presence has become one of the important key factors which provides trust and credibility to your business website and a freelance digital marketing consultant can help improve the way you can bring more interest to your social profiles which will eventually reflects in building brand image for your business. There are 25.35 million social media users in canada.

Hiring a freelance digital marketing consultant in Canada with both french market and U.S market experience would be the right choice for your business..

Boosting Your Efforts

A freelance digital marketing specialist can help you drive traffic from social media brand pages by running website traffic campaigns effectively. There are high chances of conversion happens because of targeting niche audiences.

It is one of the key benefits of hiring a freelance social media marketing consultant, he can run targeting campaigns which yields immediate actions on your website. Most of all ecommerce (b2c) business which sells electronics, dresses, and other equipment’s utilizes social media campaigns to drive buyers for their business through social media campaigns.

Not only B to C customers, using social media platforms like LinkedIn, you can also target B to B clients using LinkedIn sales navigator and targeted campaigns( InMail, image and video campaigns).

Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing Project Outside Canada??

To lead a successful presence digital presence, having a expert and cost effective freelance digital marketing consultant in your team who has experience in both English and French language marketing terms will help you get your needs like content ideas along with digital marketing strategy , then it will be great beneficial situation for any individual business owner or a small business companies.

Digital marketing practises are entirely enabled online, for past 2 years i am working with a french consulting firm completely online without local presence, with that experience i was able to understand how to choose strategies for french market. So, I can able to provide freelance digital marketing services to clients in canada without being available local, currently i am serving clients in U.S, Canada and France. It is cost wise beneficial for you or your team, since i work from india, you can reduce your hiring cost for marketing person upto 80% from your budget without comprimising quality of work.

So, if you are thinking of to hire a freelance digital marketing consultant in canada, you can consider hiring me, i will help you acheive your goals in a professional way.

My Awesome Digital Marketing Services


I am a freelance digital marketing consultant based in chennai,Tamilnadu(India) and serving clients all over the world, having 8+ years of experience in handling projects in ecommerce, IT, consulting and much more.

Especially, i have worked with clients from U.S and France.


Big businesses can afford a inhouse team for taking care of digital marketing needs, but becuase of the aggressive growth of digital marketing field, small business like shop owners or service provider or a startup team was not able to afford inhouse digital marketing team, in order to serve them, many individuals was ready to give freelance digitla marketing services.

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