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As per records, there are 69 thousand public and private hospitals across India in 2019. Over 43 thousand are private hospitals, as the number of private hospital or clinics getting higher in india, a need for digital marketing for hospitals is also highly needed in order to reach out to patients who are more aligned to specific service that a hospital or clinic of yours providing.

Ways to do digital marketing for hospitals or clinics or doctors

SEO For Hospital or Clinic Websites:

In current competitive phase of marketing, it is highly essential to have a website for your hospital or clinic or for a independent practisioner. Websites help us to reach customers via content marketing like creating articles on topics patients will be looking for answers.

Digital marketing freelancers or agency service providers can help you create articles with your expertise and optimize it to reach the right audience in google search. 

For example, if you are running a dental clinic and need digital marketing for dental clinic, then you can write contents on specific problems that a patient faces related to teeth cavity, oral cancer, gum bleeding, Tooth erosion, Mouth sores and much more. You can create articles on this topic with home remedies to the problem and also how they can utilize your hospital or clinic help on this. Likewise it applies to various health problems, people usually search home remedies or information on their symptoms, so it is always recommended to write contents on explaining what is symptoms they feel is all about and at the same time how your hospital can help on curing it.

Did you know “can a tooth infection cause fatigue” people search this term around 10-100 searches per month in India. is ranking for that, similarly we can create contents that people search for and bring them to our website, which lead them to be your customers.

digital marketing for dental clinics

Google Ads:

There are different types of ad promotion allowed by Google Ads, which we can utilize to promote our business in Google Search Engine. We can target keyword specific searches, for example if someone searches for “osteoarthritis treatment in chennai” then if it is the service provided by your hospital, then we can run a ad promotion to target keywords related to this, Google allow to see the keywords that is searched relevant to your hospital or clinic speciality.

Google ads for hospitals

Social Media Marketing for Hospitals:

With my experience i would say Facebook and YouTube are the best places to generate leads for Hospitals, Clinics etc. 


As per stats, we have 330 million facebook users in India, India holds the number 1 position when it comes users of this platform.

facebook users in india

By creating a dedicated page for hospital or clinic, we can reach greater audience by planning a proper content strategy. There are audience who regualarly wants to get updated with health news and medical practises because of their interest and health condition. Many hospitals are creating videos on different health topics or disceases and posting them to Facebook pages and groups regularly, and they gain huge amount of followers who watches their videos and also make queries via Facebook Messenger. Below look at the video about Herbal Remedies for Liver Cirrhosis treatment by Planet Ayurveda.

Facebook also allow us to run promotion paid campaigns to generate leads for hospitals and clinics. Read more on this blog to know more about Facebook Campaign possiblities


Similarly, we can do the same for YouTube also, the more the quality and helpful contents we post regualarly, we gain large number of audience for the social handles which eventually brings more number of patients to the hospitals who has similar kind of health issues that is discussed in the video.

Content Marketing - Video:

With the rise in handhled smartphones, the need for video become essential, in the fast moving world, users wants to engage with the content which easier to focus and understand, the video based contents becomes popular which allowed users do not have to spend huge amount of time reading text.

As we already seen, the social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram or YouTube already seeing greater engagement of users with the video contents rather than text contents. So, if you are planning to do digital marketing for hospital, video engagement contents are the best, this is the consider to be best digital marketing strategy for hospitals by most of the digital marketing practisionsers.

Google My Business Listing For Hospitals & Clinics

Google My Business Listing was a best organic and trusted platform which generates leads for your hospital or clinic, Google SERP always gives more preferences to the results of Google Map listings, so it is essential to maintain a healthy Google My Business page with all the necessary information filled up like working hours, location, services and customer reviews.

dental clinic near me

Imagine, if you are dental clinic and ranks well on google my business map listing when a user searches for “dental clinic near me”, this is a great way to generate leads locally and this is considered to be one of best digital marketing for dental offices. Not just limited to dental offices, it can be digital marketing for doctors, or digital marketing for hospitals or a physiotherapy centre, this works as wonders, as a digial marketing SEO practisoner like me, can help you rank higher in google my business listing by performaing local SEO.

Community Presence Like Quora or Health Portals:

The communities are a great way to promote your hospital or clinic, you can straight away answer questions raised on this platforms which addresses many readers comes across the same question, the chances of patients calling you or visiting your clinic or hospital is at higher conversion rate in the community platform, it is always keeping a eye on community questions is recommeded by digital marketing consutants like me.

best dental clinics in chennai

I hope this article helped anyone who wants to do digital marketing for hospitals or digital marketing for clinics or independant doctors. Incase if you still have doubts or want us to do digital marketing for your hospital or clinic feel free to contact us.

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