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I am a freelance SEO expert in chennai providing SEO services to clients from different places across multiple domains in ranking their website in Google SERP.

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An SEO expert is a person or a company who holds the knowledge and practical experience to rank a website in search engine by optimizing each important page of the website. I can proudly call myself as one of the best SEO expert in Chennai whom you can trust for developing SEO strategies for your website to rank higher in the search engine(Google). With immense help and experience in SEO ranking methodology, I can provide you with guaranteed improvement in website ranking with my freelance SEO services package. SEO is the backbone of internet marketing. The presence of your website on the first page of Google is important. My clients identified me as an SEO Expert in Chennai and SEO freelancer in Chennai, but not just limited to Chennai, I also serve clients in different places in the world.

In my experience, I can say, the most beautiful storefront or the best online shop is worthless if nobody knows it exists. My freelance SEO services helps improve weightage to all the key signals that google considers to rank your website in top position.

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    My freelance SEO services integrate strategy with content marketing, backlinks research, backlinks creation, technical SEO, social media, paid strategies, and other elements of online marketing which improves website credibility to stay on edge over your competitor websites.

    ON-Page SEO Services

    • Auditing Your Website
    • Research SEO Keywords
    • Embedding SEO Keywords with Proper Coding
    • Creation Of Relevant Meta Title & Meta Description
    • Robot TXT and Creation of XML Sitemap
    • Image Optimization and URL Structuring
    • Submitting Your Website to Google to Crawl it

    OFF-Page SEO Services

    • Link Building
    • Social Media Presence
    • Blog Commenting
    • Guest Blogging
    • Directory Submission
    • PR Outreach
    • Forum Posting
    • Video and Image contents sharing

    I Can Rank Your Business Without Website!

    Yes, you heard me right, this process is called local map optimization, consider if you are small business or a shop owner who does not have a website, but still want to show up in Google search? Google local map listing is the solution for that, i can list your business map location with your business details and rank them higher in Google search using my local map SEO optimization services.

    google map - freelance digital marketing consultant dinesh

    Imagine, your clients sees your business name in the search page and can able see your address, phone number with customer reviews. The number of phone calls and store visits going to get increased without having a website. My freelance SEO consulting services will help you rank your business to first position in Google Maps.

    google map visitors- local map optimization service

    So, Why Freelance SEO Expert In Chennai For Your Business??

    First of all, not every business can hire an SEO expert in Chennai at an affordable cost to work as an in-house SEO consultant in Chennai, in today’s world digital is everywhere, and the need for an SEO expert or an SEO freelancer to optimize the website become a necessity for most of the business, business owners slowly understanding the need for developing an own website and optimize it to rank higher in SERP. 

    For many years, business listing sites like India mart and Trade India runs the website for most the business in India, businesses become dependent on those sites, but in order, to stay ahead of the competition, the need for an own website handle requirement is on the rise, with own website business owners can have direct communication with the clients and keep a track of everything that happens in their website.

    So, to rank a website higher Google needs more experience in SEO optimization skills, but if a small business owner wants to hire an experienced SEO consultant in Chennai, they have to pay a higher salary package which is no cost does not cost effective cost-effective for startups and small-scale business owners. So, instead of hiring an in-house SEO specialist in Chennai, you can hire a freelance SEO expert in Chennai, who will work cost-effectively without comprising the quality of work. If you think your project will be efficient if it was handled by an SEO company in Chennai with at least a smaller team, do not worry we do have a small team to handle your projects effectively.

    So, Why Hire Me As Your Freelance SEO Consultant In Chennai??

    I have started my career in direct marketing and explored multiple industries like ecommerce, industrial automation, I.T and much more. With more interest on digital marketing, i improved my skills on all topics in digital marketing, especially SEO became my most interested topic to focus on, with more than 8 yrs of experience, and ranking multiple websites online, i understood the signal points and tricks that will make wonders to the website ranking. I have worked with multiple companies in india and also in U.S and France. My SEO working methodology is derived from the analysis and performance improvement process i carried out on multiple projects over the years.

    SEO Process

    My website ranks well on my niche keywords like “Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant” or “Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant In Chennai“. This does not happened easier, i have surpassed most of competitors to reach this position.

    With my experience working as freelance SEO expert in chennai, India and abroad, i got my hand in multiple SEO analysing tools which i have subcription to analyse my clients data.

    Few Of My Clients

    SEO Tools I Use For My Freelance SEO Services:


    The below images shows the results of one year digital marketing strategy applied to a website to increase their search ranking to get relevant traffic to their business, I have analysed and created a digital marketing plan that will improve the website ranking for their highly targetted keywords, which resulted in getting more visitors and lead generation to their business.

    Increase In Website Impression


    Increase in ranking keywords target(India)


    Target keyword ranking improvement - India

    Target keyword ranking improvement - France

    seo results for client


    An SEO expert is someone who can understand the Google search algorithm, analyze the websites, do keyword research, and optimize the website to rank higher in Google searches.

    In most cases, it means the same, sometimes people also mean an  SEO company as SEO expert. Anyways the role is  the same.

    I am a freelancer SEO expert in Chennai, but at the same time, I can cater to clients all over the world. Internet makes it possible.


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    SEO Consultant In Chennai

    I was called in multiple titles as a freelance digital marketing consultant, SEO expert in Chennai, SEO freelancer in Chennai, SEO consultant in Chennai, SEO expert in India, and much more. With my SEO and complete digital marketing skills serving clients all over the world, having 8+ years of experience in handling projects in eCommerce, IT, consulting, and much more.

    Especially, i have worked with clients from U.S and France.
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