How To Start Online Saree Business From Home

Everyone in the world today wishes to own a business and be independent rather than working for someone. This is the main reason for the expansion of local businesses in India, which is profitable on the one hand, as well as a main vocation for people looking to start a business from home. Starting a Online saree business from home is associated with less risk as your infrastructure costs are zero when you work from home.

The Scope of Online Saree Business in India

In India, With the changing trends the dressing choices have changed, but the value of the saree is still high. It is not only favored by women at family gatherings but is also considered Indian evening wear.

If you like high-quality clothes and fashions, your free time can start Online saree business without investment. As customers, we can shop from anywhere in the world. Using our cell phone as a business owner means that you too can reach any part of the country from your home.

 One of the easiest ways to do this is through an online shop. Start an online saree selling business and earn with minimal investment.

Prerequisites Before Starting Saree Business

  1. Basic understanding of sarees and fabrics

Knowing that your products and services matter, like any business, you have a competitive advantage and can handle your customers effectively.

2. Smartphone or laptop with good internet connection.

This is very important in marketing your product and engaging with your customers.

3. Active socially in online media

As far as online business is concerned, It is very important to be easily accessible on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media.

4. Find a manufacturer and distributor

The company operates in good faith and you can’t afford to sell poor quality products to your customers, especially if they are just online. So you need to find a manufacturer that can offer you a good quality product at a reasonable price.

List of Wholesale Saree Manufacturing Companies in India

  • Yamuna Saree Center, Gujarat
  • Das Enterprise, west Bengal
  • Indian Suit Factor,  Punjab
  • Variation Design, Maharashtra

Best Wholesale Saree Dealers in India

5. Set up your online e-commerce store /website

The first independent option is to set up your Online saree stores.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, you can sign up as a third party with Amazon or Flipkart.

Amazon and Flipkart offer online registration for third parties. All you have to do is provide information about the GST number, PAN card, and other documents.

6. Understanding the flavor of your customers

With changing trends, people have wide options to choose from. Hence, knowing the market trends will help. In India, some kinds of sarees hold a constant marketing value.

Some New Fashion Sarees for Indian People

  • Mangalgiri Handloom Sarees
  • Banaras Handloom Sarees
  • Rajasthani Hand block printed sarees
  • Sambalpur Handloom Sarees
  • Chettinad, Narayanpet Handloom Sarees
  • Chattisgarh Handloom sarees
  • Bhagalpur Tussar, Ghicha handloom sarees
  • Tripura Handloom silk sarees
  • Lucknow Chikankari sarees

How to Start Online Saree Business from Home – 7 Simple Steps

1. Create a working plan

When you are planning a business, you must have a clear understanding of the needs of the business, as well as the obstacles that may arise while starting your business.

You can get help from someone who has a good knowledge of your Online saree business.

2. Understand the financial requirements

 You need to consider the price of the saree and the costs of the marketing strategy.

Once you have identified the costs of starting a business, you will need to further evaluate your ongoing costs.

3. A detailed research about Online saree business in India

This is also an important step in starting your Online saree business in India. You need to know what’s going on in the saree business and how to deal with it.

Your research should consider aspects such as customer needs, the best fabrics, and trending designs.

4. Choose a niche (saree type)

You need to know what saree business you are running and understand your target customers. . For example, there are many types of saris such as Banarasi Saree, Kerela Saree, etc. So you can focus on one type or keep them all.

5. Create a business on a website or social media

With the help of a professional, create a website dedicated to your business. The website must contain all your company information and contact information.

Post-high-quality images of sarees on the website so customers can see them properly before buying. This website also provides you with valuable feedback to help you easily manage your business from home.

6. Price fixing

An important task is to get the help of a professional to determine the price of the saree. 

It is determined depending on the design, material, and style of the saree.

7. Marketing and advertising

The best marketing strategy relies solely on social media engagement.

Marketing techniques include building attractive websites, corporate networking, and partnerships, referrals, using social media platforms, and using marketing materials and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Promote your products with daily offers such as discounts, special starting prices, refunds, and more.

Online Platforms to Sell Sarees

1. WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp is one of the most amazing ways to let people know about your products. Tell all your local friends and relatives to tell them about your business. For those who are interested in your products, form a WhatsApp group and share your newest products regularly.

Case Study –

Based out of Chennai, Priya sells 50-80 sarees in a day through WhatsApp, and during festivals, the number goes up to 100 plus. In 2016-2017, her revenue was Rs 2.4 crore.

Using WhatsApp, this woman has been selling sarees for over three years and slowly built a band of more than 2,000 resellers.

2. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the Best places for small vendors, Housewives, Students to easily connect and Buy & Sell Stuff.

online saree business facebook

3. Reselling App

 Reselling with Meesho is an easy way of working from home and earning huge profits.

 As a Reseller, you share products listed on the Meesho app either with your network or on social media and earn a profit with every sale. 

4. Pabbly Website

Pabbly  is one of online platforms where you can sell sarees online, by signing up.


pabbly online saree app

You can sell sarees online at the following marketplaces too


End notes

Maintaining the online sari shopping market requires no technical knowledge and is one of the most profitable business options in India. Once you have built the reputation you want in the market, there is a right way to find international clients. If you understand this market, you will be sure to be successful.

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