Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Career Scope And Importance Of SEO In Digital Marketing

You may be newbie or a fresher who wants to start a career as an SEO professional,but not sure of the career scope and importance of SEO in digital marketing, then you are at the right place, read on….

Before seeing the whole picture, let us first know..

What is SEO?​

According to Moz,

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

In simple words, anything that you do to bring your website pages to rank higher on the search engine result page comes under the term “SEO”.

The organic search results you see in the search engine result page are the outcome of SEO.

Scope of SEO?​

Digital marketing is a collection of various topics like SMM, SEM, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. 

Above all this, SEO is the king of digital marketing in terms of career scope and importance in digital marketing activities.

According to my personal experience, the salary is decided based on the skills you have gained  and results you have brought to the previous companies if you are experienced person.

Salaries to expect as an SEO professional in 2020?​

  • SEO Fresher( Can expect between 10K – 18K per month in INR)
  • With 2 years experience ( Can expect between 18K – 27K per month in INR)
  • With 3 – 4 years experience ( Can expect between 30K – 45K per month in INR)
  • Experience more than 5 years, Salary depends on the position and practical knowledge you have gained so far. Chances are there you can earn in lakhs per month.

Social media platforms and other advertisement platforms have changed a lot from the olden days, but considering the ranking facts on SEO, Google emerged as a major platform for search results.

No matter which social platform is going to boom or going to get outdate, SEO is going to be there for sure.

SEO Investment Stays Long!!​

The social media presence is highly competitive and the chances of conversion is less for organic reach, social media platforms like Facebook reduced organic reach for brands to almost 0% to make companies invest on running paid campaigns.

 But even for Facebook, the users are losing their interest over time, like the long gone Orkut, myspace and other social media platform that went done completely.

When you invest your time and effort on SEO for a brand, it is going to be there for many years, we just have to be updated with the current trends in SEO.

In today’s world, companies hiring more and more professionals with SEO expertise in order position their company website to get more organic traffic which helps in branding of their business.

For one my client, we started working on just SEO to improve their traffic to their website and gain quality leads. We never advertised in Google or any other social media platforms to get traffic.

 But in one year time we were able to increase the impression and clicks to our website tremendously.

We started with just 250 keywords ranking in Google search results and also just one or two articles getting first page ranking for a couple of keywords, but right now it has changed a lot…

But remember SEO is not just working on your website, it includes OFF-page SEO which you should have wide knowledge on every aspect of digital marketing.

Skills set to look for in SEO expert?​

  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Good knowledge in knowing how search engines works(Google and in some cases Bing, Yahoo).
  • Ability in analytical and logical skills.
  • Good written and communication skills to write titles, descriptions, and blogs.
  • Can do basic work on editing photos and videos or at least can able to work on online editing platforms like canva.
  • Basic knowledge of creating presentations and reports.
  • Practical knowledge in handling social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Basic understanding of user experience and customer behavior in the online world.

So if you are looking for a career in digital marketing the above explanation would have addressed most of your questions, if not you can contact me for career guidance. You can also take a SEO digital marketing training course from Lakmaa Digital.

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