Does Hiring A Digital Marketer Improve Your Online Presence?

Have Plans for hiring a digital marketer, then this is for you.,

The way people do business have changed, so as it is, the way of communication and networking also changed drastically. It is not that we say traditional marketing is dead, but business communication is not just traditional communication anymore. People started searching for things online rather than asking for referral from their network.

Our local directories changed to online directories, websites are becoming the face of any business. Many new businesses rose up to the top in a short span of time with the help of internet and at the same time not all business are same. For some business still traditional marketing makes their presence, wherein case of an e-commerce business things have changed a lot.

Not all businesses are same

Let us take Amazon or Flipkart for example, with options like easy return policies and offers, it made people do not have to visit local shop to buy a gadget or dresses. When people buy & try, if they find it is not good or broken they can replace or get refund easily without travelling to shops.

But when it comes to business like consulting it needs a man touch, you need a content strategy for online presence and also a sales person or a technical person who should be there to assist them or convince clients to make a sale or get a project.

So hiring a digital marketer only can never be good enough for few businesses like consulting or any service-based industry. You need a strategy with a mix of people with different skillsets to execute a successful strategy to make a sale.

If you are business owner or manager thinking of to make a presence online to cope up with the current trends and new competitors. Make sure to understand what is your mode of business, niche category of your business and your customer’s way of engagement with your business or with your competitors.

Things to do when hiring or things to do after hiring a digital marketer

  • First point, is to believe digital marketing and their impact in current world, sometimes it may need you to change your entire strategy of acquiring business. So be prepared for it.
  • Never assume hiring a digital marketer means your digital marketer can take care of everything just becuase he is an expert, make sure you know basics of digital marketing before approaching a digital marketer and be clear on what to expect from him by providing the right things or tools that he needs from you or your team.
  • Before considering digital marketing as your new strategy, make sure you analyze your competitors. Get to know what are the strategies that they are implementing to their business.
  • Your digital marketer can help you to analyze the strategy of your competitors and create a strategy that will work for your niche business.

The analysis should include

  1. Dependency to digital marketing (Strategies, channels, promotions)?
  2. Are they doing traditional marketing or just digital marketing?
  3. Does your business needs content strategy and should you have to spend your time along with digital marketer to produce quality contents relavant to your business.
  4. Does it need a budget? If yes, then estimate and strategy of it?

Many businesses that made a huge space in business history went down just because not adapting to current trends. Be not a one who went down, be a one who adapt to new trends at the earliest.

Final thoughts, your website is the face of your business in internet, make sure you make it look good and updated with all offerings that you can provide for the user to visit your website. Remember having a shop (website) and digital marketer (Sales guy) alone cannot make a sale; you need products (Contents) to be stocked inside the shop to attract or make people visit your shop (website).

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