How To Set Up Google Analytics For Your Website In Less Than 6 Minutes

Setting up google analytics for a website is more important than any other tool because of two reasons, one is it is free and the other reason is it is from Google itself. Over 90 Percent of the world web search is through, so it is good to use a tool that is aligned with Google. Google Analytics is smart enough to give insights about site visitors like real-time visitor data, pages visited, time of visit, from where they came from, and much more information.

If you are digital marketing or a website owner looking for help on how to set up Google Analytics for your website, then this guide will help you can do that setup for your business in just less than 6 minutes by following the simple steps shown in this guide. If you are running a WordPress this article will help you set up google analytics on the WordPress site easily, but at the same time, these steps are common for all websites.

Step by step guide to set up Google Analytics

  1. Goto
  2. Login using your Gmail id and password.
  3. Go to Admin, then click “create account”
  4. On the next step select the “web” option from the options available, since we are trying to add code to the website.
  5. In the next step type the website name, URL, and choose a time zone.
  6. Click to create and accepts the terms and conditions.
  7. It will generate the global site tag code, copy the code.
  8. Now go to header.php file in your website code, you can reach through theme editor in WordPress or by accessing in FTP.
  9. Paste the code below the <head> opening tag, click save.
  10. Now search for your website in the browser and check whether Google Analytics is showing real-time visitor data.

If you followed the above steps, you will see real visitor data showing your visit and location. You can also watch our video guide to set up Google Analytics for your website.

If you cannot technically handle this, i can help you set up Google Analytics for your website.

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