Over the past 8 years, I have been working on ranking my own and customers website with the various different strategy on-trail testing method which guided me to create an SEO cheat sheet which will rank your website to top position in Google search engine, I have tried strategies which includes practices like on-page SEO, local business listing, forum posting, guest posting, article commenting and much more.

Even tried black hat techniques in my past projects like publishing paid guest post which Google doesn’t likes it. But even it has good impact on SEO, but on the long run we may be penalized for doing such activities. Google search engine algorithm changes often, and Google itself shared some videos saying they do make minor changes to algorithm on daily basis.

So, with all the experiences in working with SEO on day to day basis, I have understood the ranking factors to be on the checklist and how to feed them into a datasheet to visualize it. The SEO cheat sheet will be updated on this page everytime i feel it needs to be updated.

My SEO cheat sheet will have columns of the main things that makes your website rank higher in Google search engine, the datasheet can be easily filled by anyone who have basic knowledge of On-Page SEO. My SEO datasheet has got all guidelines to make you understand how to fill the data of your competitor for the keyword you want your website to rank for.


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