Inspite of having digital markting/online marketing courses offered offline and online in chennai by different digital marketing training institutes or platforms offering training in chennai, then why me???

why should you learn from me???

Here Is Why?

  1. Experience: I have industrial experience of over 8+ years working in different sectors like Engineering, I.T, Startup E-Commerce, International Consulting Firm, Travel and much more.
  2. Other Big Names In Digital Marketing Training In Chennai: When you look at many online or offline marketing training institutes, they teach very basic level of digital marketing, when it comes to getting a job, it is different from what you learned in training sections, I can teach you what is the current requirement in digital marketing industry.
  3. Course Methodology: My online marketing training course will not include printed materials, everything i teach is more practical, starting to end we will have 95% practical sessions only, in case if you need any readable material, i can suggest you some online training materials which is available from internet.
  4. Digital Marketing Training Cost: Highly Cost offordable, since i train only 1 to 5 people a batch offline or online, i do not need a bigger class room setup to train you guys, so it allows me to make a huge discount in my course fee. But more one to one sessions, and advanced practical sessions.

    “Pay Less and Get Trained Expert Level”

  5. Placement: This is an important question will be in most of freshers mind who wants to take any course in their lifetime, but this is how a fresher looks into a private training, but trust me, no training institutes provide a proper placement as they commit in the initial discussion, so i do not want to commit and scew you up, if you are interested to shine in this career, i will be your touch point to better train you for industry and at the same , i have serious connections with people in digital marketing community who is constantly hiring newbies and experience people in digital marketing, web development, graphic design and much more(more like placement guidance).
  6. Flexible Courses: My course will change from person to person as per their needs, it can be a fresher, or it can be marketing person or person working in any other industry who wants to switch to digital marketing career or it can be business person or startup company who wants learn and apply online marketing strategies to their business.
  7. We Pay: Paid Promotion Training on Google Ads and Social Media.
  8. Training Mode: Direct Classes(Should bring your own Laptop) or Online.
  9. More & More practicals with homeworks.
  10. Duration: 3 Hours/ Day & 10 Classes Per batch.

So How Different and Advanced Is My Digital Marketing Course

You will a get a knowledge of a 1 to 2 years of experience person within a short span of time!!!

Here are the topics that will be part of my digital marketing training and it will be altered as per your needs:

  1. Basics of digital marketing(Why and how it is different from tranditional marketing or media marketing).
  2. Types of digital marketing.
  3. Why & How to SEO(On-Page & OFF-Page)- Practical Session.
  4. Content Marketing Basics.
  5. Google Analytics integration and practical analysis training.
  6. Search Console integration and practical analysis training.
  7. SMM(social media marketng) & SMO- How to do, What works for what, basic design tools & working for poster design on your own. Create Page, groups and other features of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and much more.
  8. SEA or SEM(Search Engine promotion- Google Ads & Native Ads)- Practical session.
  9. WordPress Basics(Theme Installation, Plugins, and much more)- Practical session.
  10. Hosting and Domain Basics or do it on your own advance training(Handling hosting settings, how to install wordPress, How to install themes and configure it, working with plugins, and optimization, creation of emails in Cpanel, SSL installations and much more)- Practical session.
  11. Affliate Marketing Basics(How to with live examples from Amazon).
  12. Email Marketing(with international complaints basics).
  13.  B2B: Special Linkedin Marketing Basics(Sales Navigator or other email extract tools config).
  14. Youtube SEO & Video view promotions.
  15. Online Refferal Marketing( Connections with business leads and SEO).
  16. SEO Advanced Tools Basics – Backlinks analysis and how to do whitehat SEO and rank higher in Google( Ahref).
  17. Basics of different tools i use on day to day life for my digital marketing needs and analysis.
  18. Google My Business(Map lisitng creation and Local SEO optimization).

Was the Topics seems exciting?

Still need clarification on digital marketing course in chennai? or would like to discuss about the digital marketing course fee & about the  topics you are interested in your digital marketing training session? Then drop me a message, I will respond to your queries as soon as possible!

Reach Me Now!

    Hire digital marketing freelancer

    Digital marketing is not one day or 30 day training mastering subject, it is more of a day to day practising and learning subject, even i consider myself a learner still now. Be prepared to enter a drastically changing industry, the tech people who is behind the entire search world(i mean Google, social networks, web platforms,..etc) is recoding their algorithm often, so be prepared to learn everyday to keep yourself updated and survive in this field, but do not worry, this field is awesome to learn and work than any other field.

    Digital Marketing Training FAQ

    No, my course does not includes a certificate as of now, but trust me, on my experience no body asked about certificate in interviews, there is no worth having a certificate in hand, knowledge is what hiring manager will look for.
    Reach out to me for a first level discussion which will help to know your needs and curate the course accordingly, then i will send you the course structure and fee with all details included to your email id, you have acknowledge and make the payment accordingly. Once payment is done you will receive confimation from my side, and the course will start as per the dates and mode agreed upon us in the email.
    My website and location is available on Google my business, and couple of clients had reviewed my website in map listing also, you can meet me in person before making payment to build your trust on me.
    No, it is more kind of a home tutor experience, but you will trained by expert working in digital marketing industry
    No, but we will give placment guidance and connect you with our digital marketing community which is hiring often.
    Yes, the digital marketing program offered by me is highly offordable, so you should bring your personal laptop, WIFI will be provided.
    Yes, it is upto you, whether you are planning to take classes directly or from your home. Note: Sometimes the decision wil be on me.
    Right now it is only weekend batches, on saturday and sunday. But based on batch volume, i will consider weekdays batch also.
    It is not just digital marketing, you can learn any topics online for free from learning resources like YouTube or websites, but the practical exposure that i gained so far, will not be available online for free, the practical knowledge i will give you on training sessions will help you start working at higher level of confidence rather than in a fresher mindset.
    Yes, i can offer one to one training at your place, but the training cost will higher than the normal batches, since i have include the travelling cost( Only within chennai)
    No, i can only guarantree on the level of training you will get, i am confident that my course session will definately improve your knowledge in digital marketing rather than making you feel as a newbie in market even after getting training.
    Yes, those are much more cheaper than any of the training that i provide or any other trainer program, but one thing is we will available to during training sessions, rather than recorded one, being connecting with you in live or direct sessions, i can understand your knowledge level and alter my training accordingly, which will not be a case in those pre recorded sessions.
    I would say, YES!!!, digital marketing has evolved and evolving towards future, the tools are going to get flexible and intesive analytics is going to get complex but as career level, this is strong go for now and future.
    Yes, in my personal experience, digital marketing is considered to be one of the best paying job, and if you become a expert in this field, comapanies are ready to pay a lot for you, because you are one who is going pitch the comapany online and bring businesses to the company.
    Anyone who is good at using computer, with a strong desire to learn digital marketing or want to improve their business with digital marketing, can easily learn this field.
    Yes, my course will help you with right skills needed for your business to grow online.
    The online is not limited with bourdaries, anyone can jion from your comfort of your home, even people in abroad can jion this course via online classes.
    You will become industry ready, you might need anymore training to start working on platforms that is widely used in digital marketing field.

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